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The POTTS TAXI Cab Service will specialize in providing customers with chauffeuring/taxi services within 50 miles of my home location.

Are service will directly be able to accommodate any pick up or delivery of a person to and from their destination at anytime.

POTTS TAXI Service will comply with all local laws regarding the rendering of taxiing services.

Company also maintains all proper insurance and licensure for the operation of this business.


The Company’s taxi vehicle (which is a large four door car) will operate in constant operation.

POTTS TAXI will provide services to both individuals and companies that have ongoing local transportation needs. On busy evenings, the POTTS TAXI Service will travel among heavy populated and frequented areas to drive individuals that are exiting clubs, restaurants, and other night time venues. The Company’s vehicle will operate in this capacity at all times.


The POTTS TAXI mission is to provide clean and affordable chauffer travel for short distance trips within the target market

The company will be targeting the lower end of the market due to high prices charged by other company, so by undercharging the company will have control over the cheaper end of the sector.
Due to the location I’m targeting which will be within a 50 miles of home address, alternative public transport is not always available to all areas and is unreliable at best.

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